2013, 22 JUL
Russian Railways Logistics starts marble delivery from Turkey to Kazakhstan.

 Russian Railways Logistics introduced a new intermodal solution to deliver Turkish marble to Kazakhstan via Russia. The shipper is Asist Gemi ATENTELINGI TIC LTD STI, which prior to cooperation with RZDL used air freight delivery. 

The new logistics scheme was launched in July and currently includes container loading at the port of Istanbul, Turkey, transportation by sea to the port of Rostov, Russia, cargo repacking into the covered wagons and rail delivery to the station of Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan.

RZDL provides the client with the full range of services including acceptance of laden containers hauling in the mode of internal customs transit, cargo unloading from containers and provision of covered wagons. Moreover, RZDL offers services on loading, shipment document processing, internal customs transit, rail fare payment in Russia and CIS.