2013, 6 AUG
Russian Railways Logistics Delivers Oversized Cargo for Oil Refinery.
processing equipment deliveryMoscow, August 6 – RZDL organized delivery of excessively over-dimensional cargo of a total weight of 334 tonnes for Ryazan Oil Refinery. Processing equipment was transported from Atomenergomash plant in Volgodonsk in Rostov region to the factory in the city of Ryazan. 

The cargo was loaded in two separate 12-axle sections of the coupled car and forwarded from the North-Caucasian to Moscow railway based on the scheme developed in cooperation with the special projects department of the Central Directorate of the Traffic Control, the branch of Russian Railways. 

The cargo was dispatched in the single train in order to reduce the load on the infrastructure capacity, especially in the busy passenger transportation season. Due to complexity of the transportation scheme the special tariff and fixing modes were applied. 

This unique transportation service was organized in cooperation with the representatives of the shipper, the owner of the rolling stock, the structural units of the carrier, the Central Directorate of the Traffic Control, the specialists of RZDL branch in Rostov-na-Donu. 

Oversized and heavy cargo delivery is one of the most perspective services offered by Russian Railways Logistics. The company diversifies its transportation modes, which may be used for over-dimensional cargo delivery. Thus in addition to rail freight RZDL makes it possible to ship by sea or road. The company plans to develop this service and to make it as comprehensive as possible for its customers.