2013, 17 OCT
First speedy FELB container train arrives in Warsaw from Suzhou
DSC00072.jpgThe first speedy FELB train dispatched from Suzhou, China, in cooperation with the government of Suzhou, PKP Cargo and RZD Logistics arrived in Warsaw, Poland, on October 14. 42-wagon train travel time amounted to initially announced 14 days. Among the shipped cargo - electronics and technology items produced in China.  

In the framework of the speedy container train project Russian Railways Logistics provides freight forwarding, customs clearance, information support and other services related to the provision of transit transportation on the territory of Russia and Belarus on the route of over 7600 km. 

Cooperation with Transport Development Group allowed to proceed the train at Russia/China border crossing point at a record time of two hours by issuing electronic document and using a new universal software package. It is expected that based on the fast registration service this train project will become a new competitive quality service in terms of cargo delivery time. Based on the estimated cargo volume potential three trains per week are planned to be dispatched in the future. 

Far East Land Bridge specializes in transit container train projects on route China-Europe and cooperates with the companies like BMW, LG, Samsung and others. Partnership of Russian Railways Logistics with FELB aimed at implementation of strategy on introduction of integrated logistics services in Asian and European markets and development of transit potential of the Russian railways.