2013, 7 NOV
Russian Railways Logistics develops cooperation with largest manufacturer of electric mining shovels
Russian Railways Logistics develops cooperation with Izhorskiye Zavody (KARTEKS), the largest manufacturer of electric mining shovels in Russia and CIS. 

In September and October St. Petersburg branch of Russian Railways Logistics successfully implemented a number of complex projects by fixing the parts of EKG-12K shovels produced by IZ-KARTEKS on conveyors for onward dispatch to the coal mines - Ekibastuz in Kazakhstan and Angren in Uzbekistan. 

In the framework of this project RZD Logistics provided rolling stock and performed the works on cargo fixing on conveyors with onward delivery to dispatch terminal in record time of less than two days. This was possible due to coordinated work of the responsible teams of Russian Railways Holding and Russian Railways Logistics. As a result the customer avoided extra costs related to car spotting and cleaning and demurrage fee while loading. 

Currently six transporters with large and excess spare parts and several universal wagons were dispatched to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. As cooperation of Russian Railways Logistics with IZ-KARTEKS is proved to be effective, transportation schedule becomes regular. 

Izhorskiye Zavody is one of the oldest and largest in Russia and CIS industrial entities founded in 1722. IZ-KARTEKS is a subsidiary of OMZ Group, which is one of the leaders in the heavy mechanical engineering focused on engineering, production, sales and servicing of equipment for nuclear energy industry, petrochemical and oil & gas, mining industry as well as on production of special steels and rendering of industrial services. Izhorskiye Zavody is a modern machine-building enterprise that performs design and production of equipment for nuclear power facilities and research of high-energy physics, and products of heavy, chemical and oil engineering. The produces equipment is transported to the countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, China, India and others.