2013, 20 NOV
RZD Logistics 3-year milestones: over 1000 clients served, over 7 mn tonnes cargo transported.
Russian Railways Logistics was created on November 19, 2010  in the framework of logistics business development within Russian Railways Holding. Since its foundation RZD Logistics has transported over 7  mn tonnes of cargo, the number of clients exceeded 1000. The company opened 21 branches in Russia and launched three joint ventures, namely FELB, YuXinOu and EuroRailTrans in order to provide international transit service.

In 2012 Russian Railways Logistics gained control over Far East Land Bridge (FELB), which has a unique experience in organizing transit rail forwarding via Trans-Siberian corridor. Among current FELB customers - major European and Asian companies.  Recently RZD Logistics in cooperation with FELB organized container train project from China to Poland in addition to other transit routes.

In the framework of the land transit development and balancing traffic volumes on China-Europe route RZD Logistics became one of the owners of YuXinOu based in Chongqing (China) along with DB Schenker, Kaztransservice, CRIMT and Chongqing Transport Holding. Since launching the project 37 container trains were dispatched on the route Chongqing, China - Duisburg, Germany.

In addition to the development of transit routes the company focuses on creation of the high-speed routes to deliver goods in Russia. In the framework of this initiative  RZD Logistics introduces a new multi-client express delivery service by rail from Moscow to Siberia and the Russian Far East. Moreover, St. Petersburg - Yekaterinburg regular speedy container train delivers cargo in just 2.5 days. Currently the company develops similar service on Perm-Moscow and Vladivostok–Moscow routes. According to the company strategy these projects may attract significant amount of freight volume carried by other transportation modes to rail.

Ahead of Winter Olympics in Sochi RZD Logistics operates as an Olympic consignee. Recently in cooperation with the North Caucasian direction of Terminal Warehousing Complex, RZDL introduced joint integrated project on receiving and handling cargo at the Olympic terminal yard "Sochinskiy". In the framework of the new project RZD Logistics also provides freight delivery and other services including truck forwarding from warehouse to construction and Olympic sites.

Currently RZD Logistics focuses on development of perspective logistics services such as complex logistics outsourcing, which includes supply chain management, marketing and plant logistics. The  company has been already providing such services to Guardian Steklo Rostov plant and develops individual logistics service for FordSollers, SEZ Alabuga resident located Tatarstan.

Projects implemented by RZDL demonstrate the tendency of upgrading the quality of logistics services and their complexity, providing time and price ratio viability, combining transportation modes in order to address high competition in logistics market.