2014, 7 FEB
RZD Logistics starts 24/7 delivery of Olympic cargo due to limited traffic
Sochi, February 7 – RZD Logistics separate subdivision in the Olympic city of Sochi started working in 24/7 mode until the end of 2014 Winter Sochi Olympics and Paralympics in order to provide customer service at Veseloe terminal station of North-Caucasian Railway due to limited traffic in the region. 

In the framework of this project RZDL team in Sochi provides uninterrupted operation of the covered warehouse and open terminal sites including services like container, oversize and food cargo receiving and forwarding to the Olympic sites. 

The company plans to use 200 multi-tonnage containers and over 20 trucks. In addition RZDL started outbound rail transportation of cranes, excavators and bulldozers in the amount of over 30 units used at Olympic construction sites providing additional services like development of schemes for load positioning on platforms, providing rolling stock, loading and secure fixing of cargo. 

The total amount of over 300 multi-tonnage containers and over 100 covered wagons were handled since RZDL started operations as an Olympic consignee in cooperation with the North Caucasian direction of Terminal Warehousing Complex and offered warehousing logistics services in the covered warehouse area of over 5 000 sq. m.