2014, 4 JUL
Russian Railways Logistics Appoints New Board of Directors
Russian Railways Logistics held the annual general meeting of shareholders, during which the following members of the Board of Directors were appointed:
•    Aleksandr Ananyev
•    Petr Baskakov
•    Gennadiy Bessonov
•    Ruslan Valeev
•    Valeriy Veremeev
•    Aleksey Kamenobrodskiy
•    Elena Kunaeva
•    Aleksandr Petrov
•    Pavel Sokolov

Moreover, Russian Railways Logistics general meeting of shareholder elected the Audit Commission as well as approved 2013 annual report and 2013 annual financial statements, including the profit and loss statement.

Moreover, the company shareholders made a decison on profit distribution and dividend payment for the year of 2013 as well as made amendments to the articles of association. Ernst & Young was announced as an auditor for the year of 2014.