2014, 14 OCT
International Business Forum "Strategic partnership 1520" has started in Shenzhen (China)
On Tuesday, October 14, 2014 an International Business Forum “Strategic partnership 1520” has started in Shenzhen (China). The event takes place at October 14-16 at China International Logistics Fair (CILF). The interests of the railway business in the Asia-Pacific region for the first time will be thoroughly analyzed in the framework of the Forum. CILF_1520_Session-Start.jpg 

The Forum is being held in order to inform China and Asia-Pacific cargo transportation companies on transit opportunities in the countries with broad gauge railway and the commercial and technological components of the accelerated container transportation by Baykal-Amur railway and Trans-Siberian railway. The other important issue discussed at the Forum is the interaction between the Railways and sea ports, as well as improving their coordination and developing a reliable supply intercontinental chain. The JSC “Russian Railways logistics” experts are actively participating in the discussion. RZD logistics will present a unique integrated transport and logistics service which is elaborated with the purpose of serving the largest industrial holding companies. One of the good examples is the effective cooperation with the Evraz holding. The key point of the new service is the maximum increase of export volume through the Far East seaports while lowering total costs.

The Forum program also includes discussions on railway transport in the EU-1520-APR.CILF_02.jpg The participants will debate the questions of commercial infrastructure and opportunities of cargo transportation along the East-West route. The other session will be dedicated to the questions of technological processes and specific features of the Euro-Asian transportation, such as tariff and non-tariff barriers, electronic custom declaration, shipping documentation.

The dialogue between transport companies 1520 and Asia Pacific clients will deserve significant attention of the expert society. The largest China enterprises, which are taking a leading position in the car and computer equipment production, energy resources extraction and processing, are expected to contribute substantially to the Forum.