2014, 13 NOV
Pavel Sokolov: "Crisis is the best time for logistics companies development"
Transport experts studied RZD Logistics experience of complex logistics services provision. Pavel Sokolov, RZD Logistics CEO, has presented company's core competencies during logistics committee meeting at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia.

 2014-11-13_TPP_01.jpgAfter 4 years on the market RZD Logistics accumulated a unique body of knowledge of rail technologies. This is what enables RZDL to organize and effectively manage complex supply chains in transport and logistics market. RZD Logistics experience proved that industrial companies could benefit in different ways when using complex logistics services.

According to Pavel Sokolov, logistics outsourcing allowed RZDL clients to optimize company’s logistics system and to develop effective communication with the sea ports and RZD divisions. Currently RZD Logistics provides complex logistic services to the largest industrial holdings, such as EVRAZ, Siberian Anthracite, SBU-Coal, Sibuglemet, SUEK.

2014-11-13_TPP_02.jpgDuring the meeting Pavel Lebedev, director of logistics at “TK"Evraz holding”, noted that RZD Logistics had always been working in clients’ needs and had a flexible approach to logistics solutions development. "Due to the clear understanding of RZD Holding working processes and the consolidation of its capabilities, RZD Logistics managed to develop a range of unique services, which no one can compete with", - said Pavel Lebedev.

This opinion was shared by most participants. RZD Logistics experience was recognized as a successful and worthwhile.