2014, 14 NOV
“Freight traffic transfer from road to rail is a key factor of environmental protection” - the participants of the "Green" logistics: Ideas. Practice. Prospects" in Helsinki
Helsinki hosts the first international forum"Green" logistics: Ideas. Practice. Prospects". The forum aims to draw attention to environmental management and "green" technologies in the field of transportation. 

Victor Stepov, the Vice-President of JSC "RZD” and Rolf Jansson, senior Vice-President of VR Group, has opened the forum. In the welcoming speech, they noted that nowadays logistics services development is impossible without taking environmental needs into consideration.2014-11-14_Green_logistics_01.jpg 

When organizing the supply chain business used to face the choice between speed and environment protection measures. In this regard, logistics operators can benefit from environmentally friendly service provision. Transport and logistics experts unanimously recognized the rail as the most environmentally friendly transportation mode. According to forum participants, freight traffic transfer from road to rail is a main trend in the coming years. 
Victor Stepov, Vice-President of JSC "RZD": JSC "RZD" is permanently improving technologies, which aim at minimizing harm to the environment. It includes large-scale projects of technical re-equipment and use of automatic systems in order to control rail traffic and reduce the rail idle time.”

Pavel Sokolov, RZD Logistics CEO, shared the experience of logistics system optimization and “green” solution implementation. He noted that Russian shippers are less interested in "green" logistics technology use rather than foreign ones, but the situation is improving and looks hopeful.