2015, 10 SEP
Transit cargo ups from China to Europe via Kazakhstan

Some 234 trains have been launched via the China-Europe-China railway route through Kazakhstan for the first seven months of 2015, which is almost three times more than in the same period of last year, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (Railway of Kazakhstan) said.

"As of 2015, the number of organized container trains is expected to increase up to 510 or more than 40,000 containers, which is almost 40 times more than in 2011," a statement said.

"Kazakhstan Temir Zholy is actively working to implement the transit-transport potential of the country in three main vectors: East-West (China-Europe-China), TRACECA (China, Turkey, the Caucasus); North-South (China, Russia, India, Gulf countries),” a statement said. “Great success in this area was observed in transcontinental transportation via the China-Europe-China route.”

The container transportation via this route increased, mainly due to redirecting the cargo flow from marine transport to railway transport. The regular container trains have been running from China to Europe and vice versa through the territory of Kazakhstan since 2011. This is strictly implemented upon the schedule with door- to-door delivery for 14-15 days.

The first container train was launched via the Shihezi (China) -Dostyk - Aktau port (Kazakhstan) -Kishly (Azerbaijan) route via the TRACECA transport corridor in July 2015. Thus, a possibility was demonstrated to transport the goods via a short route from China to the countries of the Caucasus, Europe and Turkey.

Moreover, work on the efficient use of the North-South corridor is underway. The competitive terms are being created and the additional cargo flow is being attracted together with the railways of Turkmenistan and Iran, the report said.

Source: AzerNews