2016, 29 FEB
FELB expands: new Duisburg commercial office and own block-train to Duisburg
Only 4 weeks after opening, FELB started one of the first own direct trains to/from Duisburg towards Brest within the European railway network. The new train was organised in collaboration with Duisport and Belintertrans and is expected to bring the company on a new level of success.

As a result of own trains extension to Germany, considering that Hamburg is currently also served with own direct train, FELB yet again improves transit time, punctuality and price structures. The ultimate objective is to establish a regular flow of own direct trains in Europe and to further push down costs, advancing the service for existing and potential customers.

As additional news, in the beginning of March, a new LCL service from Shenyang to Hamburg will be launched with the goal to make a new valuable addition to the LCL product ex Suzhou and to increase this service in the northern regions of China.

Due to the significant support by the RZD group through RZDL and TransContainer an incomparable market appearance of FELB in the specific segment is ensured.