2017, 10 MAY
RZD Logistics, FELB and TransContainer have doubled the number of transit container trains passing though Mongolia
JSC RZD Logistics along with its subsidiary company Far East Land Bridge (FELB) and in partnership with PJSC TransContainer has started to send transit container trains through Naushki border point (Mongolia) twice as often – the number of train sets has been increased by two in a week.

The route starts in Changsha (China) and goes through the territory of Mongolia, Russia, Belarus and Poland to Hamburg (Germany). Container trains have a standard length of 57 conditional cars and carry fast moving consumer goods, as well as electronics to European consumers. The average travel time from the departure station to the destination station is 14 days with the route length being 10 390 km. RZD Logistics and FELB provide logistic support for the service, while rolling stock and containers are provided by TransContainer.

This way of forwarding showed that the transit service across Mongolia is beneficial pricewise and in relation to delivery time, with being competitive in comparison to railway routes through different border points and to cargo delivery by other transport modes in general.

“Each new route is a window of opportunities for all participants of a transit chain. The example of transit across Mongolia demonstrates how we can turn an opportunity into reality. The testing period of the service was over in the beginning of April and today we are glad to offer the market a new high-quality regular transit container service”, – noted CEO of JSC RZD Logistics Vyacheslav Valentik during the conference transport logistic in Munich.

The partner companies launched this service in October 2016. The project implementation was possible due to close cooperation with Ulaanbaatar and Belarusian railways.