2017, 16 MAY
RZD Logistics and Emons agreed to mutually promote logistics services in Europe, Russia and China
JSC RZD Logistics, the largest multimodal logistics operator in the CIS and Baltic countries, and Emons, one of the main European logistics operators, agreed to mutually promote the service of consolidated load transportation. Under the agreement achieved in Munich RZD Logistics will be able to use Emons’ services while delivering cargo from Europe to Russia, whereas Emons will use the services and infrastructure of RZD Logistics while transit transportation from China to Europe.

This cooperation will help RZD Logistics to expand significantly the geography of its service RZD Express on transportation of consolidated cargo from Europe by means of trucks and railway container transportation. The German company has 90 branches with total area of warehouses amounting to 125 000 square meters, which will allow the partners to consolidate grouped goods in Europe relying on Emons’ own network. Thus, from now on the Russian company will be able to send cargo from any European city. The cargo will be delivered to more than 80 Russian cities through the transit distribution warehouse in Moscow. Various equipment, machinery and consumer goods will be delivered to this warehouse each week.

Emons, in its turn, will gain access to RZD Logistics’ reputable railway transit services which allow to bring goods from any area of China to any European country within 14-16 days. As Emon’s general partner RZD Logistics will also provide services of goods customs clearance, warehousing and delivery from warehouse of temporary storage to end customer.

“We strive to develop our partnership network and are really glad to start cooperation with one of the leaders on the European logistics market. I’m convinced that this partnership will allow the both companies to expand geography of services and will lead to the increase of traffic volume”, – noted LCL Project Development Director of RZD Logistics Victor Bortsov.

“I view cooperation with RZD Logistics as extremely important step towards development of multimodal transportation to Russian Federation. Using of all modes of transport and overall advantages will allow to increase the volume and quality of services for the benefit of clients. In the future Russia will remain important trading partner of Germany”, – said CEO of Emons Herbert Putzmann.