2018, 26 APR
RZD Logistics and Russian Export Center agreed on the joint organization of export services to China from various regions of Russia

JSC RZD Logistics and JSC Russian Export Center agreed on cooperation aimed at the organization of Russian goods delivery on international markets. The agreement was achieved in the framework of 23rd International Exhibition for Transport and Logistics Services and Technologies in Moscow. On behalf of RZD Logistics the document was signed by the company’s CEO Viacheslav Valentik, on behalf of the Russian Export Center – Managing Director of International Projects Mikhail Mamonov.

The parties agreed to join efforts aimed at the creation of necessary conditions for the organization of stable regular shipments of Russian goods, including LCL cargo, abroad. In particular, RZD Logistics is willing to act as a logistics provider for Russian producers interested in railway delivery. The operator takes the responsibility of organization of regular container trains shipments across the route Vorsino-Zabaykalsk/Naushki-China with the delivery time 6 days. Same export trains will also depart from other regions of Russia, including Volga region and Siberia.

RZD Logistics will also cooperate with all participants of the transportation process in order to provide optimal pricing for Russian exporters and work on delivery conditions to Iran, India and other countries.

The Russian Export Center, in its turn, will inform RZD Logistics about all companies interested in export railway delivery of goods. REC will also inform producers about opportunities of RZD Logistics related to the organization of export shipments. The parties also agreed to hold a number of joint seminars for Russian producers and Chinese consumers in Russia and China.

''Our joint with the Russian Export Center railway export service Panda Land Bridge is constantly developing, with new routes emerging. It covers more and more cities in China and Russia. We already have the experience in shipments from Moscow, Samara, Kazan and Krasnoyarsk to Chengdu, Beijing and Shanghai. The agreement, which was signed today, gives a new impulse to the cooperation of RZD Logistics and REC. I’m convinced that the agreement will contribute to the increase of Russian non-resource products traffic to China, South-Eastern Asia, Iran, India and other countries”, – emphasized CEO of RZD Logistics Viacheslav Valentik after the signing ceremony.

“Our task is to reveal railway transit potential of Russia, as this can have critical importance not only for Russian companies, but also for foreign partners who are interested in it in the framework of “One belt, one road” initiative. Our joint project with RZD Logistics on the organization of export railway routes from Russia to China is one of the ways to achieve goals that have been set. And we are glad that the project is actively evolving and expanding by additional services for companies-exporters”, – noted Mikhail Mamonov, Managing Director of International Projects of Russian Export Center.