2018, 25 JUL
RZD Logistics organized a high-speed delivery of cargo from Beijing to Moscow in a postal-baggage train car of a passenger train

JSC RZD Logistics, the largest multimodal logistics operator in the CIS and Baltic countries, sent the first cargo in the implementation of “Memorandum on the organization of high-speed cross-border rail freight shipments between China-Russia-Europe” signed by JSC Russian Railways and China Railway Corporation. 

The agreement was signed on June 8th by the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov and Managing Director of the China Railway Corporation Lu Dongfu in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping on a high-speed train en route between Beijing and Tianjin.

The parties agreed to unite efforts in the development of freight market for regular trade goods; development of logistics services for retail cross-border e-commerce trade, as well as services on the express delivery of cargo across the route China-Russia-Europe. China Railway Corporation appointed China Railway Express responsible for the realization of particular projects in the framework of the Memorandum, whereas Russian Railways appointed RZD Logistics as a responsible operator, which can use the services of Federal Passenger Company.

The first cargo, sent in the implementation of the Memorandum, departed from the station Beijing – Passenger on July 21st at 18:00 Moscow time and is expected to arrive in Moscow (Yaroslavsky railway station) on July 27th. The e-commerce goods (LED light bulbs and office supplies) are transported in a postal-baggage train car of a passenger train. Thus, the cargo will be delivered by railway transport from Beijing to Moscow in 6 days, which is comparable to avia delivery, but cheaper than this type of delivery.

“We have been working actively, in order to turn all achieved agreements into reality within short time. The delivery was organized by our specialized department RZD Express with the active support of Federal Passenger Company and Federal Customs Service. This is the first shipment in the framework of the Memorandum. This year such shipments may become regular. In 2017 we organized 44% of all Russian transit from China and now we are constantly analyzing the growing demands of Russian and Chinese companies in logistic services. Thus, we are convinced that the new service is very promising”, – commented CEO of RZD Logistics Viacheslav Valentik.