2018, 10 SEP
RZD Logistics organizes the delivery of Volvo cars from China to Russia

JSC RZD Logistics has started to deliver Volvo cars to Russia from the factory in Chengdu (China). RZD Logistics will deliver cars of Volvo brand up to the end of 2019. The first container with cars arrived on Freight Village Vorsino terminal on August 31st. It is expected that further shipments will be organized on a regular basis, with general volume 60 cars per month til the end of 2018. In 2019 the company is expected to deliver 1000 cars.

The test multimodal delivery of 3 cars Volvo XC60 was organized in a 40-foot container by rail and auto. The cargo was delivered by rail from Chengdu to Vorsino and then transported by auto to terminal Rosva (Vorotynsk, Kaluga region) for the procedures of customs clearance, opening of container, its unloading and transportation to temporary storage warehouse until further delivery to dealer by car transporter truck. All stages of cars’ transportation after arrival on Vorsino terminal were controlled by the representatives of a Chinese partner.

In the framework of the first shipment RZD Logistics provided a client with complex transport logistics services, including document support necessary for delivery in internal customs transit regime, auto delivery of the container to terminal Rosva, organization of unloading process and cars’ check, storage of the equipment for cars’ fixation up to 12 units and further transportation of it back to Chengdu.

“We, certainly, consider the fact that RZD Logistics has been nominated to deliver Volvo cars as a big trust to our service and very perspective project, which proves the competitiveness of railway transport. Long-term cooperation meets the interests of both countries – the car manufacturer has lately strengthened its presence in China, whereas RZD Logistics has significantly expanded the geography of its routes and is willing to offer clients an excellent service”, - noted CEO of JSC RZD Logistics Viacheslav Valentik.