2019, 22 FEB
RZD Logistics has launched a container route for the delivery of Geely knock-down kits from China to Belarus

JSC RZD Logistics in cooperation with BELINTERTRANS organized the railway delivery of Geely knock-down kits from China to BelGee* assembly factory in Belarus. First four container trains with the kits departed in accordance with a specially developed for this project schedule through a direct route Chengdu (China) – Zhodino (Belarus). 50 container trains in total are expected to depart by the end of 2019, with regularity one train a week.

Containers with knock-down kits were transported from the railway container terminal in Chengdu and will go by rail through Mongolia (Zamyn-Uud border crossing), through Russia (Naushki border crossing) and Belarus (Krasnoye border crossing) and will arrive at the access routes of BelGee at Zhodino station. The delivery time is around 14 days.

Currently RZD Logistics is looking into the opportunity to organize similar shipments to Belarus from other Geely factories in China.

“We see the interest of automobile manufacturers and dealers to railway delivery and put emphasis on the development of this area of logistics business. Transportation of knock-down kits in accelerated container train from China to Belarus is three times faster than sea delivery, which allows us to count on switching the volumes from the functioning sea route to rail. This year we not only plan to follow the delivery schedule, but will also work actively on the geographic expansion of Geely products’ shipments from China”, – noted the CEO of RZD Logistics Viacheslav Valentik.


* A Belarus/Chinese joint-venture car manufacturer.