2019, 28 MAY
RZD Logistics has launched a regular railway service on the route Dongguan-Vorsino

JSC RZD Logistics along with its subsidiary company Far East Land Bridge (FELB) has launched regular railway shipments from Dongguan (Guangdong province, China) to Vorsino (Kaluga region, Russia). Previously, the departure point of container trains from this province was the city of Guangzhou. The new service remains the advantages of the former one, including the speed of delivery, and provides for a lower tariff rates for shippers, as well as subsidizing terminal costs in China.

Trains depart from Dongguan twice a week and follow the Zabaykalsk-Manchuria border-crossing point. The cargo base for the service is formed under the aggregate principles, based on applications from several cargo shippers. Each client has the opportunity to place an order for the shipment of at least one container. Within the frame of the service, it is also possible to deliver small and consolidated quantities of cargo. The approximate delivery time is 14 days. The range of goods of the railway service currently includes fabrics, cosmetics, floor coverings and consumer goods.

“The decision to transfer the departure point of the route to Dongguan is largely due to the possibility to provide a more favorable rate for cargo shippers and reduce their terminal expenses through subsidies. Dongguan is one of the largest industrial centers in China, thus makes it promising in terms of its cargo base. This factor made it possible not only to make the service regular, but to double the number of weekly shipments”, – said Sales Director of JSC RZD Logistics Olga Stepanova.