2019, 26 JUL
RZD Logistics and FESCO launch transit service from Korea to Europe via Trans-Siberian Railway

As part of the development of transit cargo express delivery service, Trans-Siberian LandBridge, JSC RZD Logistics, subsidiary of JSC Russian Railways, and FESCO Transportation Group expand its geography to the route from the Republic of Korea to Europe.

2019-07-26 Корея-Европа РЖДЛ - FESCO.jpgOn June 25, 2019 a first container was dispatched from Pusan. Than the container was delivered to the Commercial Port of Vladivostok (a part of FESCO Group) by FESCO Korea Express sea service, and to Brest station via the Trans-Siberian railway by RZD Logistics. After transshipment to the 1435 mm gauge rolling stock, the container was delivered to Brzeg Dolny railway station in Poland. The cargo was transported to the client’s warehouse in Wroclaw (Poland) by truck. Total transit time was 21 days, which is two times faster than by maritime route through the Suez Canal.

 In the frame of the joint service FESCO provides sea and truck delivery, port handling and container fleet, while RZD Logistics is responsible for rail transportation. The new service serves for transportation of different cargoes, including car parts and equipment, from the Republic of Korea to the European countries.

 “A test delivery from Japan to Europe by Trans-Siberian LandBridge service demonstrated a viability of the route through the Commercial Port of Vladivostok and the Trans-Siberian railway. Clients made sure of its safety and quality, and saw the rail delivery is faster than deep sea transportation. Now we offer to our clients from the Republic of Korea to assess economical efficiency of the transit service. In fact, the more cargoes transported by Trans-Siberian LandBridge, the more affordable the service is to the clients”, noted Vyacheslav Valentik, the Director General of RZD Logistics.

 “Europe is one of the biggest consumer markets in the world, there are located many high value-added products’ manufactures, components and parts for which are delivered from the countries of Asia and Pacific. Delivery time is significant for them, and given logistics, the route through the Russian Far East is the most attractive in terms of saving time and managing sustainable deliveries, said Alexander Isurin, the President of FESCO.

At the end of May the companies launched Trans-Siberian LandBridge service by dispatching a test container from the Japanese port Yokohama to Wroclaw, Poland. Within the framework of test transportations the companies worked out the delivery technology to make the transit service from Asia and Pacific to Europe through the Russian Far East and the Trans-Siberian railway available to customers in this year.

RZDL Trans-Siberian LandBridge_Korea_ENG.jpg