2020, 22 JUL
RZD Logistics has sent a test self-contained reefer container with food from Nizhny Novgorod to China

The Nizhny Novgorod branch of RZD Logistics JSC has successfully carried out the pilot shipment to China of 20 tons of margarine in a 40-foot reefer container, maintaining the required temperature regime.

As an additional service, the company organized a truck delivery of an innovative container for loading to the Nizhny Novgorod oil and fat plant, completed the necessary procedures for coordinating the shipment of goods and processing shipping documents, and provided a platform for transportation. The owner of the self-contained reefer container set the required temperature using the remote control and tracking before shipment.

At the Kostarikha station of the Gorky Railway in Nizhny Novgorod, specialists of the RZD Logistics company coupled the cargo to a container train, which proceeded to the Zabaikalsk station of the Trans-Baikal Railway. The further delivery to the destination point, the city of Harbin (China), to the Heihe import-export company «Hua Jin» was organized by the owner of the reefer container, HARBIN YET TECH & TRADE SHARE Co., LTD.

«China is one of the most promising and largest trade partners of Russia. The export volumes of agro-industrial products to this country are growing steadily. In turn, we continue to improve services for our customers, significantly increasing and expanding the possibilities of transporting food. The company's specialists are not only testing new forms of cargo shipment but also developing new logistics schemes to reduce delivery time and optimize cost,» - Dmitry Murev, General Director of RZD Logistics.

We would like to recall that previously, the Russian Railways decided to provide a 20.4% discount on export transportation in reefer containers to China in order to attract additional volumes of foreign trade transportation of goods with high added value, requiring special temperature delivery conditions.

It is valid from June 20 to December 31, 2020, and applies to goods of the second and third tariff classes, which will travel through the border transfer station Zabaikalsk (export), as well as through Russian-Kazakh border stations, upon the condition of further crossing the border with China at the junctions Dostyk - Alashankou, and Altynkol - Khorgos.

The second tariff class includes such goods as fish, meat, vegetables, other food and industrial products, the third class goods - chemicals, groupage cargo, machinery and equipment, and others.