2020, 17 AUG
RZD Logistics has dispatched more than 100 wagons by freight shuttles
RZD Logistics continues the development of freight shuttles based on the Freight Express service. By now, 115 wagons with a wide range of goods have already been transported by different routes.

The next shipments were carried out by the Saratov branch of RZD Logistics JSC together with Ruscon LLC. The first three platforms with six containers loaded with engine oils from LLK-International (a subsidiary of the LUKOIL Group) were transported along the Sarepta - Novorossiysk route.
The possibility of reloading these containers with cargo in flexitanks on the back trip and sending them as part of a "cargo shuttle" is being studied.

RZD Logistics launched the testing of cargo shuttles at the end of May this year.
Cargoes of several shippers in different types of rolling stock were shipped from the Moscow region to the Novosibirsk region. The total transit time, taking into account the "first and last mile", was reduced by almost half compared to the standard one.

After a series of test shipments, RZD Logistics recorded an increase in demand for the "freight shuttle" service, which indicates that attractive and competitive transportation conditions have been created for customers.

The Freight Express service is designed primarily for small and medium-sized businesses. It makes it possible to reserve a place for cargo in a groupage freight train and transportation on a schedule.
The new technology provides for the consolidation of small shipments from different stations ("shuttles") into a separate train ("freight express"), its accelerated advance according to an individual schedule to a major transport hub and further "spraying" ("shuttles") at final destinations.
The aggregate logistics service has been named Freight Shuttle.