2021, 6 AUG
RZD Logistics organized the transportation of Talgo high-speed train from Russia to Uzbekistan

JSC RZD Logistics organized the transportation of a high-speed train manufactured by the Spanish company Patentes Talgo S.A. for the Uzbek railways.

The cargo arrived by sea to the Sea Port of St. Petersburg from Bilbao (Spain). The assembled train was put on its own axle. With the help of locomotives, he was transported by rail from the station. New port to the station. Urtaaul (Uzbekistan) through the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In total, the cargo covered a distance of 8.2 thousand km.

Talgo-250 non-decoupled train consists of 2 locomotives weighing 67 tons and 15 passenger cars weighing from 14.6 tons to 18.3 tons (depending on the class). The total length of the train was 260 m.

As part of the project, Russian Railways Logistics JSC acted as a consignor, ensuring the formation of this train in accordance with a scheme specially developed and approved by VNIIZhT JSC, which meets the requirements of transportation safety. In addition, RZD Logistics ensured coordination of the work of all participants in the transportation process, organized the provision of locomotives and locomotive crews, and made payment of freight charges on the territory of Russia.

Now, the cargo has been delivered, and send out to the client.

RZD Logistics and Uzbek Railways intend to continue cooperation. The next shipment is scheduled for September this year.