2021, 11 OCT
MOC (Memorandum of Cooperation) Concluded between RZDL and Nissin

Nissin Corporation concluded MOC with RZDL on 31st August 2021 for the purpose of cooperation with RZDL to promote and increase the volume of cargo being transported via Trans- Siberian Railways.

Mr. Oleg Ryabov, Chief Rep. of RZD Tokyo Representative Office having established in February this year took a role of intermediary between Nissin and RZDL and he offered his office to be used for this online signing ceremony in Tokyo.

Participants are 4 from Russian side including Mr. Astafev, Deputy Head of the Overseas Project/ International Cooperation Dept. of RZD, Mr. Murev, as the signer, CEO of RZDL and Mr. Ryabov, Chief Rep. of RZD Tokyo Office and 3 from Japanese side, namely Nissin Corporation including Mr. Junichiro Watanabe, Representative Director and Senior Managing Officer as the signer, Mr. Kunio Orihara, General Manager of International Sales Dept. No. 1 and Mr. Nakoto Ozeki, General Manager of CIS Dept. and Deputy General Manager of International Sales Dept. No. 1.

Mr. Murev attached the great importance to the cooperation with Japanese partner for further promotion and development of TSR service and Mr. J. Watanbe expressed his gratitude to RZD and RZDL for what they have been achieving and contributing to the Japanese market and touched upon the incentive to the carbon neutral throughout this MOC.

Nissin Corporation has committed to further efforts to increase the volume of the cargo transport via 100% electrified and eco-friendly Trans-Siberian Railways as the alternative transport means to the Deep Sea Route as well as BCP.