2023, 25 APR
RZD Logistics organized a new direct railway service for the delivery of agricultural goods from Russia to China
JSC RZD Logistics consigned its first reefer container train along the direct railway route going from Moscow to Xian. Containers with beef and chicken products departed from Moscow region and will go to the destination point across the China-Kazakhstan border.

Before that, delivery was multimodal and included a sea leg. The new service is expected to become weekly and will essentially reduce the time of transportation.

“China remains one of main directions for export of Russian agricultural and other types of food products. While the geography of routes is constantly expanding, we pay special attention to the development of direct railway routes, which guarantee higher speed of transportation and cargo safety. Xian is a city with highly developed transport and logistics infrastructure, which allows to process large amount of cargo and consequently to increase the volume of agricultural products transportation and develop supplies to China”, – noted the CEO of RZD Logistics Dmitry Murev.