2012, 16 NOV
Russian Railways Logistics Train with CIM/SMGS Consignment Note Arrives in Germany.
Duisburg, Germany, 16 November 2012– The first Russian Railways Logistics train with the CIM/SMGS consignment note arrived in Germany. This pilot container train was formed under the auspices of the Organization for Cooperation of Railways, Belarusian Railways (Bch), Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ), PKP Cargo Poland, Russian Railways, the Ministry of Railways of China and DB Schenker Rail Germany. Multi-client train, which consists of 42 forty-foot containers and loaded with Acer, ASUS and other producer cargo, dispatched from Chongqing (China) on October 31. Freight forwarding was organized by Russian Railways Logistics in cooperation with YuXinOu (Chongqing) Logistics. The CIM/SMGS consignment note is a customs document, which is issued once for the entire transportation route across the countries with the different transport law (CIM and SMGS). Moreover, the new regulation allows speeding up the shipment process by dispatching one freight train or number of containers and rail cars with the single note without reissuance at the border crossing terminals. The detailed analysis of the demo project will allow assessing the effectiveness of cargo delivery with the consignment note. After transit of 20 trains prior to introduction of single CIM/SMGS note, the rail route connecting Chongqing and Duisburg was accepted by RZDL as one of the directions for international onward logistics business. The Ministry of Railways of China approved the usage of the CIM/SMGS starting from the January 1, 2012 at Erlian, Manchuria, Alashankou border crossing points, which expanded the geography of CIT/OSJD project on CIM/SMGS transport and legal interoperability to the East and upgraded it to transcontinental level. The joint venture YuXinOu (Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd, founded by the Transport Holding Chongqing (CQCT), China Railway International Multimodal Transport (CRIMT), JSC Russian Railways Logistics, Schenker China Ltd. and JSC Kaztransservice, was registered in Chongqing (China) in May 2012. The demonstrational run of the container train will allow analyzing the usage of CIM/SMGS and revealing its advantages as an important mechanism for border crossing during the transcontinental transit on the EU-China route. The second container train is currently forwarding Hewlett Packard cargo using CIM/SMGS on the same route and soon will arrive in Germany.