2013, 6 NOV
Russian Railways Logistics successfully handled complex cargo, namely feldspar delivered from Finland, directly from sea vessel into open wagons on the territory of the port of Saint-Petersburg. Feldspar is quite bulky and loose, thus the company prepared cargo handling equipment and rolling stock before providing transportation and handling services.
2013, 25 OCT
Participants of the second annual conference organized by RBK devoted to the problems of the logistics market under conditions of declining traffic volume and slow-down of global and particularly Russian economies discussed issues on development of transportation and logistics market including freight forwarding, complex logistics and express delivery issues.
2013, 17 OCT
Russian Railways Logistics took part in China International Logistics Transportation Fair (CILF) 2013,  the largest transport and logistics exhibition of the Asia-Pacific region. The exhibition took place in the framework of China Transport Week 2013, international transport and logistics forum, held on October 14-17, 2013 in Shenzhen, China.
2013, 17 OCT
The first speedy FELB train dispatched from Suzhou, China, in cooperation with the government of Suzhou, PKP Cargo and RZD Logistics arrived in Warsaw, Poland, on October 14. 42-wagon train travel time amounted to initially announced 14 days. Among the shipped cargo - electronics and technology items produced in China.
2013, 8 OCT
Far East Land Bridge, a joint venture of Russian Railways Logistics,  continues its geographic expansion by introduction of fast container train service on the new route linking China and Europe. The first train was dispatched on September 30 from Suzhou, China, via Zabaykalsk, Russia, Brest, Belarus, to Warsaw, Poland, and crossed the Russian border on October 4.
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