Full name
Joint Stock Company RZD Logistics
Short name
JSC «RZD Logistics»
Name in English
Joint Stock Company «Russian Railways Logistics»
Short name in English
JSC «RZD Logistics»
Legal address
34, Mashi Poryvaevoy St., Moscow 107078
Postal address
34, Mashi Poryvaevoy St., Moscow 107078
Foundation date of the company
November 11, 2010
Date of state registration
November 19, 2010
Place of state registration
Inspection of the Federal Tax Service No. 8 in Moscow. Tax authority code 7708
Certificate of registration in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities
Series 77 No. 013856732
KPP at the location
Registered with the tax authority as the biggest taxpayer
Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service for Major Taxpayers No. 11
Tax Authority Code 7750
KPP as a major taxpayer
Legal Form
Joint Stock Company
OKOPF 12267
Form of ownership
Mixed Russian ownership with a share of federal ownership
KFS 41
Principal type of activity
Other supporting activities related to transportation (OKVED 52.29)
Codes of the forms of federal state statistical observation
OKPO 68861216, OKOGU 4100612, OKATO 45286565000, OCTMO 45378000, OCTO 41, OKOPF 12267