Russian Railways Logistics JSC is expanding its logistics outsourcing and oversized equipment transportation competencies.

The company established the Russian-Uzbek joint venture with «UTI Transit».

Russian Railways Logistics JSC launched a new container rail service on the eastern branch of the ITC North-South. Develops agro-logistics.

The Agroexpress project won the BRICS Solutions for SDG Awards-2022. RZD Logistics' refrigerated containers have been validated for the transportation of medicines and medical devices.

Russian Railways Logistics organised the transportation of oversized cargo for the Bureyskaya hydropower plant

Specialists from the Nizhny Novgorod branch of Russian Railways Logistics JSC organised the shipment of large-sized structures of two reserve sections of gates for the spillway of the Bureyskaya HPP. They are needed to improve the reliability of the hydropower plant.

Russian Railways Logistics implements logistics outsourcing project as part of the construction of a mining and processing plant in the Irkutsk region.

Russian Railways Logistics will organise an optimal multimodal transportation process for the transportation of products and material and technical resources from the new mining and proсessing plant (MPP) at the Zashikhinskoe deposit.

Russian Railways Logistics and UTI Transit set up a joint Russian-Uzbek venture

Russian Railways Logistics JSC and Uzbek logistics company UTI Transit LLC have established a joint venture, RZDL TRANSSERVICE GROUP LLC, aimed at increasing rail freight traffic between Russia, China and Central Asian countries.

Russian Railways Logistics opens new route for transportation perishable goods from China to Moscow.

Russian Railways Logistics JSC implemented the first shipment of a full container train with fresh and frozen products from Shandong Province (PRC) to Moscow. The train including 50 autonomous refrigerated containers with fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables as well as other food stuffs and medicines having the total mass of 1 thous. tons left from Tszybo station (Shandong province) on the 1st of February. The train will proceed to Selyatino (Moscow Region) via the Zabaikalsk-Manchuria border crossing.

"RZD Logistics" completes modernisation of Balakovo NPP's rairoad sidings

The Saratov branch of JSC Russian Railways Logistics completed reconstruction of 21.8 km of railway tracks and 22 switches at the Balakovo NPP site. The project was implemented under a cooperation agreement concluded between the Saratov Region Government, Concern Rosenergoatom JSC, Privolzhskaya Railways - a branch of Russian Railways JSC and the Saratov branch of Russian Railways Logistics JSC.

Russian Railways Logistics delivers more than 5 million tonnes of crushed stone for the construction of the M-12 motorway under the innovative "Logistics 3.0" scheme

As part of the project, RZD Logistics acted as a single integrator of transport and logistics services, ensuring not only the provision of rolling stock, payment of carriage charges, round-the-clock dispatching of transportation, monitoring of the rhythm of loading and promotion of railcars en route, but also seamless interaction of several dozen organisations involved in the process.

New container rail service launched on the eastern branch of the ITC North-South

Russian Railways Logistics has started transporting full container trains from Russia to India along the eastern branch of the North-South land corridor using the transport infrastructure of Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran and India.

Agroexpress project wins BRICS Solutions for SDG Awards-2022

This is an annual event designed to recognise the most outstanding projects of the BRICS countries in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). "Agroexpress" was awarded the prize for its contribution to preventing future risks.

Russian Railways Logistics has designed a transhipment complex in the Vladimir region

Russian Railways Logistics JSC has developed a consultancy project for the Admiral logistics group with options for the location of the infrastructure of the transhipment complex at Boldino station of the Gorky railway. For the region, the transhipment complex could become a major freight hub, combining freight flows of enterprises in the Vladimir region and transit traffic.

Russian Railways Logistics increasing the volume of oversized freight traffic to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan via Kazakhstan

Russian Railways Logistics branches in Samara, Ekaterinburg and St. Petersburg, together with the company's branch in Astana, have established regular shipments of oversized electrical equipment and spare parts to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in transit through Kazakhstan.

Russian Railways Logistics won the Operator of the Year award at the ACFF-2022 forum

Russian Railways Logistics won the Operator of the Year award and was recognised as the Best Logistics Supermarket-2022. The commemorative statuette was awarded as part of the ACFF-2022 International Container Forum held as part of the "Annual Convocation of Operators and Freight Forwarders -2022" in Sochi.

"RZD Logistics" refrigerated containers have been validated for the transport of medicines and medical devices.

The shipment of autonomous refrigerated containers from Russian Railways Logistics JSC successfully passed validation for transportation of medicines and medical devices. In the course of this procedure, the quality and completeness of the refrigerated container equipment is assessed, as well as its ability to maintain the required temperature regimes. The company has already carried out its first shipments of pharmaceuticals.



JSC Russian Railways Logistics purchased the first shipment of autonomous refrigerated containers

With Pasifik Eurasia Logistics organized shipment of the first container train from Turkey to Russia along the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway corridor (BTC)

JSC Russian Railways Logistics in partnership with JSC "Russian Export Centre" realized a test shipment from Tambov to Tashkent of frozen poultry meat produced by GAP "Resurs" - one of the largest Russian exporters of agricultural products within the project "Agroexpress".

The project was implemented with the support and active participation of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan

Winner of the All-Russian Exporter of the Year Award in the category "Exporter of the Year in Services" in the Central Federal District in the "Large Business" category, winners of this award at the All-Russian level

Participation in the M-12 Moscow-Kazan highway construction project

Launch of new transit freight services with Nurminen Logistics via East-West and North-South international transport corridors and Finland Bridge - with participation of OTLK ERA via Russian Far East ports

Russian Railways Logistics JSC, FESCO Transportation Group and Finnish logistics operator Nurminen Logistics Services OY have launched a regular intermodal service of shipping containers Finland Bridge from the Asia-Pacific region to Finland and vice versa via the Commercial Port of Vladivostok (part of FESCO Group) and via the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Developing great competence in the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo

RZD Logistics branches in Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg carried out the transportation of oversized electrical equipment for a large Russian machine-building company.

The Saratov branch of Russian Railways Logistics JSC, in cooperation with the company's Voronezh branch, organised the transport by rail of a heavy mechanical press from Russia to China.

A shipment of oversized equipment from Mongolia to Russia was organised to be repaired at the manufacturing plant. The load was more than 5 metres long, more than 3.5 metres wide and weighed more than 50 tonnes.

Opening of a branch office in Kazakhstan

The main focus of the branch, located in Nur-Sultan, will be to strengthen partnerships and develop agribusiness exports from Russia/Kazakhstan to China and Central Asian countries.

Launch of regular bulk shipments of agribusiness cargoes in flexitanks

Joining the Port of Hamburg Marketing Association, ANEC and the Russian-Azerbaijani Business Council

Winning the Motion Formula Award

Acquisition of 100 autonomous refrigerated containers and shipment of first consignment from Russia to China

Delivered over 1 million tonnes of crushed stone for construction of M-12 "Moscow - Kazan" motorway

Delivered 1 million tonnes of crushed stone for the construction of the M-12 Moscow-Kazan motorway.

Transportation of the first shipment of new Skywell ET5 electric vehicles from China to Chelyabinsk

The company's branch office in the Republic of Kazakhstan together with its branch office in Chelyabinsk organised the shipment of 12 electric cars from China to the industrial centre of the Urals Federal District for Electrocars Rus.



Russian Railways Logistics JSC topped the top rating of the largest logistics operators operating predominantly on a "assets-light" model for the third year in a row

Participants in the ranking were companies whose revenues in 2019 exceeded RUB 5bn excluding VAT (in 2018 - from RUB 5.9bn), the ranking was compiled by INFOLine agency

An agreement was signed with CONCOR Corporation (India), under which the Indian company intends to provide a container fleet and equipment for the organisation and development of transportation on the North-South ITC

Volume of transit container transportation is planned - more than 200 thousand TEU, which is almost 40% more than in 2019

Sending twin container trains from China to Europe Implementation of new technology for sending transit container trains from China to Europe Launch of "freight shuttle" service

In November 2020, "Russian Railways Logistics" won the Motion Formula Award for its Freight Shuttle project

Increasing the volume and expanding the range of logistics outsourcing services

The Yekaterinburg branch provided maintenance and repair services for electrical equipment on drilling rigs and logistics outsourcing services for service works at the Yuzhno-Russkoye oil and gas field (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District).

The Saratov branch has expanded its commodity loading range. In particular, in addition to organising loading schemes and providing rolling stock for transportation of cement, the branch started to provide similar services for the commodity group "lime".

Introduction of a service for the construction and modernisation of railway sidings

Agricultural logistics development

"Russian Railways Logistics" jointly with Rusagro Group organised the shipment of domestically produced sunflower oil from Ekaterinburg to Shanghai by rail.

Shipment of sanctioned goods, including a full train from Europe to China

The first cargo - frozen salmon - was transported on the "first mile" from the Netherlands to Duisburg, from where it was shipped by rail to China on 21 March.

Launch of CRM system, connecting around 400 employees

Obtaining customs representative status

The company independently provides clients with a full range of services for documentary support of commodity shipments and implementation of customs clearance of cargo, which frees the shipper from the need to enter into an additional contract with another counterparty to the shipment - a customs broker.

Expanding cooperation with European railways

Russian Railways Logistics subsidiary Far East Land Bridge Ltd (FELB) has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CD Cargo Logistic.

Development of new multimodal cargo transportation routes in Russia and abroad

The Vladivostok branch of Russian Railways Logistics JSC carried out the first multimodal transportation of cargo from Russia (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) to China (Ningbo).

Increase in oversized and heavy cargo shipments

Russian Railways Logistics JSC transported oversized equipment from Bashkiria to Novosibirsk for repairs at the manufacturing plant.

Russian Railways Logistics JSC provided a range of services for rail transportation and last mile road delivery of oversized electrical equipment - the stator of a turbo-generator. The dimensions of the cargo were 5640x3960x3960 mm and weighed 110 tonnes.

Obtaining an LTC for shipments in flexitanks

Previously, liquid bulk cargoes in flexitanks were transported from Russia to China only through ports using maritime transport. A shipment of 82 twenty-foot containers of rapeseed oil from producers in the Altai Territory and Novosibirsk Region was received by companies in China.



Russian Railways Logistics expands the range of cargoes within Russia-Vietnam-Russia intermodal service and organises multimodal and road transportation to Europe (spot shipments).
Launch of the Agroexpress service.
Creation of the TransSiberian LandBridge multimodal transit service from the ports of Japan and the Republic of Korea to Europe and back

Development of services for transportation to Germany, Poland, Finland, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Romania, Great Britain

The launch of Agroexpress service

In China the first "Agroexpress" consisting of forty-one 40-foot containers has passed through Mongolia, passing the Naushki and Zamyn-Uud border crossings. The total transit time was about 16 days.

Development of a delivery service for cars and components. Customers were: Volvo, Audi, BMW, Geely, Porsche Daimler, etc.

In order to implement this project, a direct route Chengdu (China) - Zhodino (Belarus) was developed. A total of 50 container trains with the regularity of one train per week were sent by the end of 2019.

Organisation of new ITCs Russia-Vietnam, North-South, Japan/Korea-Europe via Far East ports

Launch of new container services on routes from China to Russia

The first train departed on June 28, the day the Chinese station started to operate. It arrived in Moscow region 16-18 days later.

Launch of regular express container train service on the Hefei - Finland - Hefei route



Russian Railways Logistics expands its geographical presence, increases the number of China-Europe-China container transit services and launches new regular routes: Changsha (PRC) - Tilburg (Netherlands), Taiyuan (PRC) - Duisburg (Germany) and Milan (Italy) - Chongqing (PRC).
Launch of RailJet service.
Organisation of transportations for World Cup 2018

Launch of direct railway transport along the international transport corridor Vietnam-Russia-Vietnam

INSTC promotion in Russia, Azerbaijan, India, Europe

1The first transit shipment of forty-one 40-foot containers of non-food consumer goods (clothing, accessories, stationery) was dispatched on August 17. The transit time was 16 days.

Developing transit services to Kazakhstan and Central Asia, Belarus, the Baltic States, China and Mongolia

Launch of RailJet service

The first consignment dispatched in pursuance of this Memorandum of Understanding left Beijing Passenger Station on 21 July at 18:00 Moscow time and is scheduled to arrive at Yaroslavsky Railway Station in Moscow on 27 July at 18:30. E-commerce goods (LED lamps and stationery) are transported in a mail-luggage carriage as part of a passenger train. Thus, the shipment was delivered by rail from Beijing to Moscow in just 6 days.

Test shipments from Japan in multimodal traffic via Russian Far East ports and the Trans-Siberian Railway

On August 17, Russian Railways Logistics sent a 40-foot container from Kobe Port (Japan) by direct freight to Vostochny Port (Primorsky Territory, Russia). It was then loaded on a platform at the terminal of Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company and shipped as part of a fast container train on schedule as part of the Transsib in 7 Days project.

Transportation for the World Cup 2018

Topped Infoline's ranking for the first time, becoming the No.1 logistics operator among 'asset-free' companies



The company organised the transportation of postal items from China to Europe, implemented SCM (supply chain management) level integrated logistics services and launched logistics consulting, with MMC Norilsk Nickel as its first customer

Irkutsk and Saratov branches opening

The Irkutsk branch is aimed at developing cooperation with large industrial enterprises of mining, metallurgy, chemical and other industries located in the region. It will also be responsible for the development of container export/import and transit to/from China, including through the Naushki border crossing (Mongolia)..

The Saratov branch aims at developing 3PL and 4PL logistics services for industrial clusters and enterprises in the Saratov, Volgograd and Astrakhan regions, to expand interaction with shippers of small consignments, promote contanerisation of the regions and load of their port facilities.

Launching a railway service for non-commodity exports jointly with the REC

The project was recognised as the best in the industry and won the Formula of Motion award.

Russian Railways Logistics JSC's project to organise a service for non-commodity railway exports from Russia to China was recognised as the winner of the national "Formula of Movement 2017" award in the "Best Logistic Solution" category

Launch of direct overland route from Russia via China to Vietnam

The new service is an efficient logistics solution that allows for at least half of the delivery time compared to sea routes through the East African regions. The estimated travel time from Hanoi to Moscow and back will be 18 days.



Russian Railways Logistics improves the efficiency of internal and external business processes and converts integrated transport and logistics services and enterprise logistics outsourcing into full-fledged supply chain management services

Expanding the route network in Europe and Asia

The new container service offers the shortest time for rail freight - 14-16 days.

Carrying out strategically important transportation to the Far North

One of the most important conditions for transportation was maximum promptness and mobility due to the short period of summer navigation. The transportation was complicated due to the limitations of the road transport infrastructure in the YNAO regions.

Development and integration of logistics mechanisms for inventory management, internal logistics and raw material supply control to the organisation of rhythmic export of finished products by all modes of transport and transhipment in the port

JSC "Russian Railways Logistics" provides a range of services for receipt and unloading, processing and responsible storage of crushed stone at the loading and unloading site of Pyt-Yakh station, as well as further shipment of cargo to the client's vehicles.

Launch of new regular container shipments of consolidated cargo from China to Yekaterinburg, new express train routes from China to Europe, regular service via Mongolia

Transit time Suzhou (PRC) to Yekaterinburg was 14 days.

Transporting perishable goods from China to Russia, shipping from St Petersburg to Novosibirsk and Vladivostok

Strengthening cooperation with foreign counterparties: Russian-Singapore Business Council, Alibaba Group, China Post and Germany Post, Federation of Indian Transport and Logistics Associations

The parties agreed to work together to expand business contacts with shippers in India and Russia in order to attract additional cargo to this transport corridor. The parties also plan to develop Russian-Indian logistic cooperation. The signing took place on the platform of the international business forum "1520 Strategic Partnership: Caspian Region".



"Russian Railways Logistics has launched a service for the delivery of international postal items from China by rail to Russian Post. It organises comprehensive services for a number of enterprises of the country's largest industrial and mining holdings:

  • "RuzKhimmash"
  • "Russian Machines"
  • Behineh Tarabar Azhour Co., Ltd
  • "Procter & Gamble Distribution Company"
  • "PetroEngineering"
  • "TMK-Inox"
  • "Emons Expedition"
  • "ZiO-Podolsk"
  • "EvrazHolding Trade Company"

Opening of International North-South Transport corridor

4 shipments of 15 railcars each were realized.

Involvement in the delivery of goods for large-scale federal projects

The service included the delivery of goods from the loading point to the unloading station by transhipment from rail to road.



JSC Russian Railways Logistics was recognised as the best forwarding company of the year by the annual Russian Railways Partner 2014 award. The award ceremony was held as part of the XII International Conference "Transport Services Market: Cooperation and Partnership

Expanding cooperation with major industrial holdings in supply chain management: EVRAZ, Siberian Anthracite, SDS-Ugol, Sibuglemet Holding, SUEK, Sisecam

More than 30,000 tonnes of cargo have been handled as part of the cooperation.

Development of trans-Eurasian transport corridors



The company is developing the geography of transportation, which has enabled it to increase the number of logistics routes both within and outside Russia

Launch of shipments of components for Lastochka

The total weight of the shipment was 134.5 tonnes.

Expansion of the route network inside and outside Russia

Delivery of cargo for the preparations for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. More than 300 vehicles were dispatched as part of this task.

Launched transportation of oversized oil and gas equipment

Delivered an oversized cargo with a total weight of 334 tonnes.



Activities of Russian Railways Logistics JSC made it possible to expand the branch network inside Russia, launch weekly container trains and achieve more than doubling of transportation volumes, revenues and market share

Creation of the first joint ventures in Europe and China

Potential clients of Euro Rail Trans are the largest freight forwarders and cargo owners in Russia. Main cargo types are oil products, coal, chemical and mineral fertilizers.

The St Petersburg branch of RZD Logistics has signed an agreement with one of Estonia's largest freight forwarders, Uralest OÜ.

JV with JSC Russian Railways Logistics registers YuXinOu (Chongqing) Logistics Co.

Russian Railways Logistics JSC acquired a 10% stake in the company, Far East Land Bridge Ltd (FELB), helping to combine efforts to position a joint transit product in the Asia-Europe-Asia connection.

Logistics outsourcing for several large Russian companies

The first 16 containers with cargo have been shipped by sea. The main destinations are Scandinavia, the USA and the Middle East. JSC RUSSIAN RAILWAYS. The first 30 containers with cargo for export to India, Indonesia and South-East Asia were shipped.

Start of project transportation of oversized cargo

RZD Logistics specialists have developed for a client a full scheme of non-standard cargo delivery from a consignor to a final consignee. A full range of door-to-door freight services was provided to the client.



The emergence of the company is the next stage in the development of the Russian Railways' transport and logistics unit development

Opening of the first branches:

  • St Petersburg
  • Rostov-on-Don
  • Nizhny Novgorod
  • Novosibirsk
  • Ekaterinburg
  • Vladivostok
  • Irkutsk
  • Krasnoyarsk
  • Zabaykalsk

1.4 mln tons

First cargo shipment

St Petersburg - Yekaterinburg - St Petersburg

Launch of the first regular container route

Start of test shipments of small consignments

Launch of first international projects



As a result of Russian Railways' transition from a carrier model to a transport and logistics company, Joint Stock Company Russian Railways Logistics was established on 19 November 2010 to provide forwarding and logistics services